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I am  flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings. Priced fairly and professionally done. 
All rates include an engineer. Me!!! My name is on this business, and my reputation.
I will give you a high quality MP3, Wave Files, Stereo Master included in my charge. You dictate how your product is delivered. I want to meet your project needs.
I require 1/2 our agreed upon fee before work begins, and you have full confidence that you are 100% guaranteed with your product. Taking care of my clients means more to me than the fee we agree on. I am my own worse critic when it comes to audio work. My goal is to give you that "wow moment". 
Some projects could have problem areas. We will work through those in the project to mitigate where possible. Bad recordings, lots of processing on provided files are hurdles to how good your song will be, or can be. Remember clipped files can not be corrected in post production. Please set a target output of -12db when recording. That means wave files sent to mix or stereo wave file sent to master should target a output in your DAW of -12 db on the master fader meter. With all faders set at 0db, nothing should clip.
Remember I will assit you with distribution to share your music with the world and make a few bucks in the process.  
See Rates Below

Songs I record are mixed and mastered at no additional costs.

  • Depending on the project - full albums could be more or less. We would agree on all terms before the project begins.

  • Locally recorded and processed in my studio or I travel with my rig to your site. Travel time and costs are not included in these rates and are discussed and agreed upon before work begins. 


$60 per song full band.  (Engineer incl.)

$35.00 per song for singer / Instrument project.

Client provided files are mixed per wave files or stems provided.

  • Uploaded to File Share site ( Files Anywhere, Drop Box, etc.

  • Request files are raw wave files 24 bit, limited or no post processing.

  • Target output of no more than -12 db. Clipped files can not be corrected in post production.

  • Feel free to contact me with any questions about file type or uploading process.

  • Songs with over 30 tracks could require additional costs. This will be discussed when we agree on terms. 

  • Mastered for an additional $10.00


$35.00 per song  (Client provided files)


Call for a Quote


$20 per song

Stereo Wave File (Client Provided)

Please target a output of -12db.

Ready for release on Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, many more.

 These sites request a high quality Stereo Wave file. I provide that to you for no additional cost. 

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